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Apothecary 90291

Andreea Farcas first created her own organic skin care line when faced with the fact that safe, effective, truly chemical-free products are frustratingly hard to find. While studying neuroscience at The University Of Geneva, Andreea scoured top Swiss department stores in search of safe products to soothe and moisturize her constantly dry skin (it was a cold and windy Swiss winter and she was living in an overheated attic apartment). What she discovered, however, was disappointment. No matter how high-end the label, she found that nothing addressed her issues effectively, and, worse still, everything (everything!) was loaded with petroleum and parabens, dyes and phthalates, alcohol and sulfates — things that went completely against the carepart of ‘skin care’. She felt she had reached a dead end….Read the rest of her story here

Like the products themselves, the reason they use only certified organic ingredients in all Apothecary 90291 products is simple: they believe in doing whatever they can to protect your health and the world we live in. Choosing to use organic skin care products means choosing to keep potentially harmful chemicals off of your body and out of the environments in which the ingredients for those products grow.