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The holiday season is coming to a close, but before we officially declare it over, there’s still one thing left to do. Saying goodbye to the last twelve months, and welcoming a new year is cause for fun and celebration. That means one last hurrah before getting down to business with all of those resolutions. There’s nothing quite like the excitement, glitz and glamour that accompanies New Year’s Eve. Parties, friends, and good times are made even better when you feel festive. Fortunately, we’ve got a handful of beauty and fashion tips that will have you looking your very best and ready for all of those special photo ops.

1. Metallic Eyes

This mixed-metal shadow technique from Glamour is a must-try for New Year’s Eve. Rather than going for the gold or smoky gray all over, this is calling for a mixture of warm and cold shadows. By using metallic gold on the lid, followed by a soft gray in the crease and along the lower lash line, you can create a rich collaboration of colors for a stunning and unique makeup application. To get this look we recommend some of our favorites below:

2. Dazzling Jewels

Jewelry is most definitely the icing on the outfit cake, so make sure yours is befitting for a glamorous evening. Chokers continue to come in at number one with the team at Fashionisers. Also making their list are tassels, diamonds, rhinestones, and statement rings. We suggest trying a glittering metal choker, a pair of shoulder-grazing tassel earrings, or a trendy double ring.

3. Jazzed Up Jeans

Believe it or not, we (along with fashion editors at Lyst) are recommending that you wear a great pair of jeans on New Year’s Eve. If your outing is dressy, but not over-the-top formal, then you can easily jazz up a pair of jeans. Choose something dark and fitted for a sleek look, and wear them with a glittering bustier top, blazer, and black suede ankle booties. Pop in some earrings and grab a shimmery clutch to round out the look.

4. Party Dresses

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful party dress to ring in the new year. The writers at Harper’s Bazaar offer several to choose from, but we’re especially loving the ones that give the illusion that you’re dripping with liquid gold and silver (rose gold is especially trendy and beautiful). Those that feature oversized sequins are awesome for adding some texture, and elegant maxi styles are perfect for formal gatherings. Go with one of these dresses for your next evening out and you’ll be ready to ring in the new year looking your best.

We wish you all a fabulous New Year’s Eve & see you next year!



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