So you just got engaged, now what?

  Attention! Calling all newly engaged ladies! How insanely exciting is this? The love of  your life asked you to be their forever, too sweet! Then, once all the excitement and butterflies settle, comes the mini-panic of “I have to plan a wedding!” But,  before the planning process starts, Pink Dot has a few tips [...]

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4 Beauty and Fashion Tips for New Year’s Eve

The holiday season is coming to a close, but before we officially declare it over, there’s still one thing left to do. Saying goodbye to the last twelve months, and welcoming a new year is cause for fun and celebration. That means one last hurrah before getting down to business with all of those resolutions. [...]

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RMS Makeup Tip From Rose Marie

Pimples: Need to cover it up? Don’t pile the make-up on the whole face just to cover a few spots! This will only exaggerate the fact that there is a pimple and traditional product tend to make them look dry--not pretty. Just touch up the imperfection with a tiny brush, dab some ‘Un’ Cover-Up on and around the [...]

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5 Products That Will Save You After Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the perfect three-day getaway for most, but it's also a sign of summer's end. So naturally we ended up basking in the sun for three days straight and now we are paying for it. I’m talking about dry, sun burnt skin with a side of puffy eyes, Yikes! Here are our [...]

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Makeup Not War

HELP US TO HELP WAR CHILD Just like makeup, life in general should be based on freedom: freedom to be who you are, freedom to show the world who you are – without boundaries or rules and most certainly without being condemned, hated or prosecuted for being yourself. Every day we are confronted by the [...]

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The DIY Perfectly Shaped, Natural Eyebrow

Who doesn't crave those perfect arches? And yet, when you look in the mirror, you wonder how you can get from your barely-there brow to the natural and fully-shaped brow you envy.  Or, perhaps you're the girl who can't go more than a day without plucking or waxing before the insidious unibrow starts making an [...]

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