LiftLab’s journey began in the Arctic. They deliver nature’s best defense against time and the elements using science. Their team of scientists made a remarkable discovery in the Arctic: plant and sea life produce unique proteins to protect themselves from the harsh conditions there. These proteins help cells not only to survive, but to thrive. They are essential to life in this extreme cold, dry and unrelenting UVA/UVB rays of this environment. Clinical testing shows these proteins help to protect and promote our skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate itself. These proteins may be nature’s most effective and versatile way to maintain the health and well-being of our skin in the face of age-related and environmentally caused damage.
Every LiftLab product has unique properties that enable it to work alone, and to work with others for the maximum benefit. Every LiftLab formulation uses their patented Cell Protection Protein, created by carefully selected proteins, peptides, potent antioxidants, essential vitamins and natural minerals. By merging the power of nature and the best of cutting edge science, LiftLab strengthens the ability of each product to address specific aspects of skin care. All formulas are non-comedogenic, allergy test and formulated with a paraben-free preservation system.