Blinc Amplified Mascara



Amplified Mascara provides incredible, build-able, glamorous volume and length, all while offering the Life Proof properties (i.e. smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, flake-proof) of the original blinc mascara, that women have grown to love and depend upon. This mascara coats lashes with a glossy, volumizing and extending coat that forms tiny water resistant “tubes” around the lash. This applies more like a traditional mascara, giving you the ability to add as many coats as you want to build your desired look! Because it is not as wet of a formula, you can even go back and reapply if needed, after it dries.

How To Use:

  • Twirl the wand inside the mascara tube to coat the lash.
  • Hold the wand horizontally and start at the base of the lashes and go right to the tips.
  • Wiggle the wand slightly from side to side as you apply the mascara.
  • For the lower lashes some prefer to hold the wand vertically and gently apply the mascara lash by lash, while others lightly sweep across the lashes.
  • Build on additional volume by applying as many coats as you wish.

How To Remove:

Removing is just as easy, and requires no makeup remover. Simply apply a little warm water along with some gentle pressure, and the tubes easily slide of your lashes.


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