In Savannah, the founders of Sapelo Skin Care have been paying attention—to rivers and creeks that swell with high tides twice each day. Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards also heed lessons of generations of southern women to be gentle and careful with their skin; a heritage often overlooked in today’s hyper-popular trends of repeatedly inflaming the skin with quick-fix dermabrasion procedures and chemical peels. Following cues from tides and tradition, they’ve crafted a contemporary, twice-daily ritual that soothes and replenishes—bringing surges of nourishment and hydration for healthy cell development. Precisely formulated in small batches. Sapelo Skin Care was created by consulting with physicians and enlisting a Savannah-based cosmetic scientist to source marine and botanical ingredients. From a lab near Savannah salt marshes, the team continues to test and develop new formulas.