Skin Care for your Diet??

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body. However, since it is exposed to harsh elements on a daily basis, your skin, especially the skin on your face, is prone to sun damage, acne and breakouts. People often turn to beauty products like Shu Uemura to help them deal with skin problems, but the skin quality is also dependent on habits and intake.

Losing weight can make your skin look loose so you have to make sure that you complement any weight loss program with proper diet and skin care habits. There’s no perfect formula and you have to be willing to experiment a bit while still taking into account your own individual needs.
Here are a few secrets for your skin while you’re losing weight:

1. Keep your skin clean, especially after hitting the gym.
When you are working out, the sweat allows your pores to open up and thus become prone dirt buildups. Try to get a hot shower at least 15 minutes after your workout so that you can immediately clean your pores before bacteria can settle in and get comfy. Avoid using cold water (until the end) since it could close your pores, and it wouldn’t be as effective in removing bacteria.

2. Drink more than the required amount of water.
Water is the most important substance that you can take in on a daily basis. It allows your body to repair itself and regenerate healthy cells. The recommended daily water intake is around 8 glasses or 2 liters; however, it’s important to note that when you sweat during workout, you lose lots of fluids.

3. Eat good-for-you fruits and veggies.
You’re likely going to be eating lots of fruits and veggies in order to shed those pounds. Fruits and veggies contain fiber that allows better digestion and nutrient absorption as well as vitamins to enable your body’s natural healing and glow. Your skin needs certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to become healthier, so eat up!

4. Get enough rest to regenerate your skin.
The body is highly-dependent on nutrition and recuperation. On average, a person should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily in order to regenerate any damaged cells, nerves or muscles during daily activities. A nightly skin care routine should always end with an overnight cream that works well with your face and body at rest.

Both losing weight and taking care of your skin allow you to become a better version of yourself. Make sure that you’re consistent and listen to what your body needs to recuperate. There are many ways to lose weight but there are even more ways to take care of your skin while you’re losing weight. Always remember that the skin is going to reflect how well you take care of it. Make sure that you pay attention to what you eat to get the most of your weight loss AND skin care.

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