Attention! Calling all newly engaged ladies! How insanely exciting is this? The love of  your life asked you to be their forever, too sweet! Then, once all the excitement and butterflies settle, comes the mini-panic of “I have to plan a wedding!” But,  before the planning process starts, Pink Dot has a few tips to help you be the best version of  yourself on your wedding day! If you’ve planned the most gorgeous ceremony, the perfect reception with the most amazing decor and delicious food, BUT you have terrible breakouts all over your face, horrible makeup, and your hair looks a hot mess, NO ONE will notice all the hard work you or your planner put into everything! Because, like it or not, on the big day, you and your groom are the apple of everyone’s eye. So, to ease any anxious thoughts or “what if’s” before the wedding, we have some suggestions! First things first, vendors can wait a day or so. Before you dive into the planning process, take a step back, breathe, and take some time to yourself. Take a bubble bath, sip on a glass of wine, and really take some time to think about how you envision yourself on your wedding. Then, after that, please understand makeup artists and hair stylists aren’t magicians, as much as they sometimes wish they were! They can only work with what you give. I don’t say this to be harsh, I say it to make you realize YOU play the biggest role in how you look on the wedding day!

The average length of an engagement ranges from 7-18 months, that is a perfect amount of time to prep your skin and make some lifestyle changes that will leave you with vibrant glowing skin, healthy luxurious hair, and maybe even a sun kissed glow!

So here are just a few simples steps you can take towards being the most beautiful Bride you can be :

  • Schedule a skin care consult. Meet with an esthetician or skin care rep for suggestions on how to taking better care of your skin. Makeup artists can cover stress pimples, but it is very difficult to create a beautiful, glowing bridal look when your skin is dry, breaking out, and not taken care of.
  • Try out spray tans early, If you are interested in having a sun kissed glow! They take a week or so to fade away so if you don’t like it, you need to have time to try another. You want to make sure you find the perfect solution for your skin! Also you want to know what color your skin will be when you go to your trial run.
  • Schedule your trial run for hair and makeup. Consult with someone, find someone you are very comfortable and mesh well with! You will be spending a lot of time with them so find someone you trust, can be honest with, and love their skill! We at Pink Dot strive to build a strong and honest relationship with all of our brides so that they always know they are in good hands!
  • Schedule hair trim and conditioning treatment every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your hair healthy and luxurious, ready for  you to try as many styles as you want to for the big day! This will also provide you with the opportunity to play with or change your hair color if you’d like!
  • Start maintaining your nails. Whether it’s going to get a Mani-Pedi to escape the wedding planning craziness or just doing an at home routine, keep ‘em fresh and clean! When showing off your new  ring, you don’t want to have chipped nails or yucky cuticles.
  • Switch out sodas or sweet tea for water. All day, everyday. No only are there major health benefits from drinking more water, your skin will thank you as the big day approaches. Also limit your alcohol intake aside from showers, Bachelorette festivities and special occasions! Alcohol is known to dehydrate skin, create redness and blotchiness, and promote breakouts.
  • Start a simple workout routine. Not anything crazy, maybe 2-3x a week, but set a goal, whether it’s jogging, toning up, or just doing yoga! Just get up and do something, a good solid workout routine can give you a healthy mind and spirit.

All in all, keep it light, keep it simple, remember at the end of the day, it’s about you and your

Groom celebrating your love and the beginning of your marriage.

Stay tuned for more “ Wedding Wednesday” posts, where we will try our best to be as real as possible give as many tips and suggestions as we can.

P.S. We have a few names up our sleeves for amazing makeup artists and hair stylists, so feel free to check out our Bridal page to see some of our gorgeous Brides, and call to ask about booking! 😉

Xoxo – Pink Dot Beauty Bar